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Agami Trumpets : Instrument Review

It is rare to be sent something through for review that has been this highly anticipated. The Agami Trumpet range is the brainchild of Thierry Sohier and has been 7 years in development. There are a number of different configurations focussing on changes of bell alloy material to give variety of timbre and playability for the performer.

In review is the ‘Agami B 130B’ with a cupronickel (copper/nickel alloy) 130mm bell, pictured below. It is ML (11.66mm) bore with stainless steel valves and comes with sets of both lightweight and heavier valve bottom caps.

Agami B 130B

Aesthetics and Build: This is a stunning looking trumpet. The attention to detail is extraordinary – you will notice on the above image that the single-braced tuning slide and bell bow have been re-angled. This is to optimise performance, but has the added benefit of looking really cool! This model is un-lacquered and the finish out of the box is flawless.

Agami artist, Aristide d’Agostino with his 130B

Tonal Qualities: With the cupronickel bell, I was expecting something very bright in timbre. Warming up through the middle registers I am struck by the richness of the tonal core, with lots of vibrant overtones. Intonation and ease of articulation are excellent and it is strikingly easy to get a really full forte sound keeping the core intact.

Moving up above the staff, and the qualities are much the same, with some added brightness and ‘zing’ to the sound. This model can genuinely do it all. Projection is easy with a great ‘cut through’ in the higher register, but with so many beautiful tonal qualities throughout the range. This is an exceptional all-rounder.

The Instagram clip below shows the silky smooth qualities of this horn in the hands of Aristide d’Agostino.

Agami Trumpets have already been making waves around Europe in the hands of some wonderful artists including Alexandre Herichon, interviewed here in 2021. They are also becoming more readily available in the US, and I am looking forward to seeing many more of these instruments making it over here to the UK!

Other models that I look forward to playing in the future (all pictured in the gallery at the top of this article) are the 130A with Yellow brass bell, 130C with 2-piece brass/cupronickel bell, 130D with brass/phosphor bronze bell. There are even slightly smaller 125mm bell configurations for both Bb and C trumpet.

For further information, please visit Agami Trumpets and contact Thierry Sohier.

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