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Over the past few years I have come across numerous apps for reading and performing with ‘sheet’ music. I find the developments staggering in how far we have come, integrating this technology into our performances.

However, there have always been compromises to be made, whether it be in turning pages, marking up parts, editing, or just the general viewing and using experience, that I have made me wonder whether I wouldn’t just prefer to have some sheets of paper in front of me!

That is until now!… I tried BlackBinder for the first time a few weeks ago on my iPad, and it is the first app that I have found that really addressed all of these niggles that I had.

I started to look into BlackBinder’s story and discovered that are also extremely ‘trumpet friendly’ which is always a good thing! Not only have they used and actively promoted the app itself within the worldwide trumpet community, but they are also using it as a platform to edit, improve and promote trumpet music, such as their editions of Arban, Charlier and other important trumpet publications. There are also some great trumpet players already onboard endorsing this app, such as Pacho Flores and Mike Lovatt.

It began for them in late 2011 when a professional musician, a computer engineer and an expert in business management detected a couple of problems and disadvantages musicians were facing when using “traditional” music sheets.

The central idea was to develop an all-in-one system to facilitate working with scores in hands-free mode, including an App and a web service. 

It mainly consists of a score reader, which contains advanced algorithms, complex probabilistic models and processing techniques. Essentially, the BlackBinder™ algorithm converts pages into a continuous flow that adapts to the music score, scrolling as the musician plays their instrument. All of this technology is patented.

This short video shows BlackBinder in action. Watch carefully and you will see the excellent automatic scroll function!

You can view and download the BlackBinder App here:

For further information on BlackBinder and their story, please visit

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