Cheater Mouthpieces and Independent Thinking

I watched this video from K.O. and it really struck a chord. So many young players are ‘trained’ to accept that certain models of instrument or mouthpiece will be the correct ones for them to achieve their goal. Ignoring key factors such as sound quality, intonation and comfort in order to arbitrarily prescribe equipment seems so backwards. Your trumpet and your mouthpiece should never be something that you are required to battle against, but instead should compliment the hard work that you put in, in the practice room.

Fortunately there are many excellent teachers and makers who are really able to look at the player and equipment as a whole, and help the student to make the best of their talent.

K.O. from Stomvi USA on ‘Cheater Mouthpieces and Independent Thinking’

2 thoughts on “Cheater Mouthpieces and Independent Thinking

  1. Doug Lewis says:

    Hey K.O.,
    Interesting thought on the “cheater” mouthpiece. Saw Doc several years back. My seat was above and slightly behind where Doc stood. A couple of times I saw him swap mouthpieces.
    Now…it could be because Doc IS old as dirt or…right tool for the right job at that moment.
    Bobby Shew said pretty much the same thing. He TRIED to do the one mouthpiece thing.
    Right tool for the right job.
    I played in a rock band for several years as well Church on Sundays and the occasional wedding. My 99.9% go to mouthpiece was a Bach 5C. Good for all around work. But at the end of the 3 set rock gigs my chops are getting tired from blowing over the drums and guitars. I would then reach over, grab my Bill Chase Schilke 6a4a, hit my “high R” at the end of the song, then go right back to the 5C.THAT….is a “cheater”.
    But….it was right tool for that job.
    Great post and Happy New Year!!! o=iii=(O)~~~~
    Doug Lewis

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