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Edgware by BBICO

I was recently sent a range of new products to take through their paces from BBICO – the British Band Instrument Company. Their Edgware range (named after their North London home) encompasses an intriguing ethos of sustainability.

Many companies have adopted a toxin and/or petroleum free approach to their designs of cleaning products and brass instrument lubricants, but I am not aware of any others that have gone to as great lengths as BBICO to limit any negative environmental impact. As well as the utmost care in designing, sourcing and manufacturing the products themselves, the packaging is all biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. This even includes the ‘plastic’ bags that are in fact NatureFlex and made in the UK of wood-pulp from managed plantations.

As we move forward, it is surely (hopefully!) a matter of time before this kind of care and attention to packaging waste becomes mandatory across consumer industries, so the developers of the Edgware range deserve huge accolades for leading the way in this.

But of course, we need instrument care products that also do a great job… Here are a few products that really stood out to me:

Brass Soak : Just a small amount of this PH neutral soak mixed with warm water does a great job of degreasing and removing the bio-film from within the instrument and slides. I used this on an instrument that I thought to be pretty clean… but I was obviously wrong!

Valve Oil – Regular : This is a nice lightweight valve oil made from ‘food grade’ ingredients. The action on my newer instruments was nice and smooth and it is always reassuring to know that your valve oil is not poisoning you!

Valve Oil – Vintage : Now this is the oil that I have been seeking for some time! I have an old Cousenon flugel with valves that have seen better days. Until trying this Edgware oil, I had not found one that was thick enough to stay on the valves and provide adequate seal, yet flexible enough to give a smooth and consistent action.

Sanitiser Spray : This is a completely natural anti-bacterial spray, completely free from alcohol, fragrance and harmful chemicals. Particularly at the moment, this is a really important addition to any trumpet case as it can be used on skin as well as your mouthpieces!

Slide Grease : This is a great multi-purpose slide grease that does a good job around the instrument and is so safe that it can even be used as a lip balm!

Please click here to view the full range of brass instrument care products by Edgware.


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