June 2021

The 45th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference begins today! Trumpeters of all ages will find this virtual workshop an opportunity to improve their playing by accessing the Conference content for an entire 60 days! Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from over 200 of the finest players and teachers in our profession. For those students who are on break, this is a great way to stay engaged and maximize progress while away from school!  

If you are serious about improving your trumpet playing, this is the resource you have been waiting for. Register today!


November 2020:

ITG Conference Moved Online 


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The trumpets will still sound in 2021 through the first-ever virtual International Trumpet Guild Conference! 

With the uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Trumpet Guild has made the decision to move forward with a virtual conference for 2021. We are extremely excited about the opportunity to connect with so many members of the trumpet community throughout the world and look forward to putting together an inspiring and informative experience for all.

ITG Conferences have been praised for their sense of community and camaraderie, positive learning environments, and inspirational performances. Through this year’s virtual experience, we will be focusing on uniting and engaging the trumpet community from around the globe. We will remove the language barrier by offering events in the native language of each artist and presenter. A virtual ITG Conference will remove the financial burdens of travel, lodging, and other costs, making our event accessible to all.

During the five days of the Conference, you will be able to join daily warmups, yoga and health sessions, masterclasses, recitals, roundtable discussions, virtual networking, virtual meetings with exhibitors, competitions, Q&A sessions with your favorite artists, and much more. Even though we are geographically far apart, we are excited to spend time together as a trumpet community.

While we might not be able to meet in person this year, we look forward to seeing you and meeting new friends when the ITG Conference returns in person May 31 – June 4, 2022, in San Antonio, Texas (USA). Please check the Conference Website (http://www.trumpetguild.org) for full information and regular updates on all the action!

ITG Listen and Learn Program 

The International Trumpet Guild’s Listen and Learn workshop is an online festival featuring five days of original performance and pedagogical videos by over 50 artists. This exciting event will be happening October 26-30 and is free for everyone: both ITG members and non-members alike.

View or download the program book here:

Site: https://trumpetguild.org/listenlearn
Program: https://trumpetguild.org/files/ITGListenLearnProgram.pdf

ITG Journal Archives Now Online 

The International Trumpet Guild is proud to offer all ITG members a new benefit: free, complete, online access to all past issues of the ITG JournalITG Newsletteritg journal jr.Recent Programs, and music and text supplements from ITG’s inception in 1975 to the present.

The music and text supplements are downloadable as PDFs, and the rest of these publications are viewable in flip book format, embedded on the website. This amazing resource can be accessed at any time under the “Journal” menu on the ITG Website (https://trumpetguild.org). Members who would like to download the PDF version of the current year’s ITG Journal issues can still do so by visiting the ITG Journal web page. We hope you enjoy this valuable offering!

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FREE Electronic Memberships for Ages 17 and Under

FREE Electronic ITG Memberships for ages 17 and under!

The International Trumpet Guild announces free electronic memberships for those aged 17 years or under. The ITG Board of Directors values the inclusion of our youngest demographic and would like to make the Guild’s offerings more accessible to them. To take advantage of this offer, new or renewing members can email, fax or mail this fillable PDF membership form to join.  https://trumpetguild.org/images/pdf/itgmembershipform21.pdf