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Jon Faddis on Ullvén Mutes

…from Jon Faddis:

Hello, Fellow Brass Players,

I would like to tell you about some really good news, not just for me, but for trumpet and trombone players all over the world.
Swedish trumpeter Lasse Lindgren has acquired the rights to make Ullven mutes, which have been unavailable for many years, and also happen to be my all-time favorite mutes.
Dizzy Gillespie game me my first Ullven harmon and cup mutes in 1972. I’ve been using Ullven mutes exclusively for almost 50 years!

These mutes, plus my Schilke Music Products horns, are “tried and true” for me.
I even remember when that first Ullven harmon was stolen from me: October 21, 1977, at Jazz Showcase, in Chicago. It was Dizzy’s 60th birthday celebration, and I had left the mute on the piano on stage between sets. During that time, I was hanging out with Diz and Muhammed Ali backstage. When I went back on  stage to play the next set, my mute was gone!

So you know: The Ullven harmon mute is perfectly in tune down to low F# and has an exceptionally full and even sound when playing on a microphone.
The Ullven cup mute is adjustable and gives the player the option to change the sound to that which she/he is looking for.
The cup can even be used as a plunger (á la #SnookyYoung, on the gold plated Ullven cup which I gave to him as gift back in the day).

These Ullvens also make great quiet practice mutes.
Because of the functionality in this regard, Ullven cup mutes and Ullven Harmon mutes also are superb as a quiet practice mute when one wants to hone skills without disturbing anyone, even and especially late at night, or if you have pets in your home who pick up frequencies at higher intensity — you spare their ears. You also help protect your own hearing as a musician.
It’s also a really nice gift for students (and their families) as they learn the art of the trumpet.
These Ullven mutes are the real deal and Lasse is making them now.
Get ‘em while you can!

Lasse, tack så mycket!

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