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‘Listen and Learn’ from the ITG

The International Trumpet Guild’s Listen and Learn workshop is an online festival featuring five days of original performance and pedagogical videos by over 50 artists. This exciting event happened at the end of October 2020 but all resources are available on the ITG website indefinitely. And best of all, these resources are available for free to ITG members and non-members alike!

From Grant Peters, ITG President:

The ITG Board of Directors is pleased to offer this weeklong event featuring original performances and presentations for trumpeters everywhere to enjoy. You will be able to view an entirely new program of original material for five days. This online event is free of charge and will remain on our site indefinitely.

For those who may be new to ITG, this collection of videos is representative of the spirit of collaboration and sharing found in our organisation. Trumpeters from major symphony orchestras and service bands, jazz and classical soloists, professors, freelancers, and historical specialists – to name just a few – coming together to help each other improve and enjoy all that the trumpet has to offer.

I would like to thank the artists and presenters for generously contributing their time and talent to make this wonderful resource available to us all. Sincere thanks are also due to our Listen and Learn chair, Aaron Witek: video editor, Aaron Jansen; layout designer, Eric Millard; and the entire committee for their work to make this event available to our colleagues in a year when we were unable to meet for our annual ITG Conference.

While visiting the ITG Website, be sure to take some time to look around and learn more about our organisation. Now, please enjoy Listen and Learn!

Many incredible musicians have contributed to this resource including Allen Vizzutti, David Hickman, Chris Coletti, Vince DiMartino, Mary Bowden and Bria Skonberg to name just a few.

These great resources are all available here, and you can also see the full five day program here.

The International Trumpet Guild continue to offer great support and resources to our worldwide trumpet community – you can read the latest updates from the ITG newsdesk on this dedicated page on Mouthpiece Online.

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