Frate Precision Classic 2 M, 3, 106 Trumpet Mouthpiece


A great all-round style mouthpiece with a rich tonal core.

1 in stock (can be backordered)


Frate Precision mouthpieces are designed and made in Italy by Dario Frate. All models have characteristically rich tonal cores and even intonation.

The 2 M, 3, 106 is a great all-around style model, roughly equivalent to a Bach 1-1/4C.


  • Model: 2 M,3,102
  • Cup diameter: 16.95 mm
  • Bore: 3.74 mm
  • Medium depth cup – V Shape
  • Standard rim
  • Backbore: Medium large size #106
  • Comparable to the Bach 1-1/4C
  • Colour: Silver-plated

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