Thompson Music

Based in Nebraska USA, Thompson Music are one of the world’s most knowledgable trumpet stores. They stock a vast range of trumpets and accessories, everyone that works there is a trumpet player, and worldwide shipping is available!

Thompson Music

Asper Trumpet Products

Lynn Asper designs and creates innovative products to help trumpet players, as well as excellent educational publications.

Berp & Company

The brainchild of Mario Guarneri, Berp & Co products aim to provide invaluable performance and practice tools to trumpeters, using sustainable and recyclable materials.

Bob Reeves Brass Mouthpieces

For 50 years, Bob Reeves Brass has been providing custom mouthpieces and specialist trumpet setups for players around the world.

Bob Reeves 50 logo Custom Trumpets

Atlanta based company offering the famous Jerome Callet Trumpets in both standard models and full customization.

Eazy Bucket Mutes

These are the best bucket mutes around – beautiful mellow sound, and designed so that they do not damage your instrument.

Frate Precision

From Lombardy, Italy, Dario Frate set up Frate Precision in 2006 and since then has been designing and making a superb range of mouthpieces that are growing in popularity across the world.


Fultone Brass

Set up in 2016 in Cheshire UK, Fultone Brass is the UK distributor for Adams Trumpets as well as developing a whole host of great accessories and student instruments.

Fultone Brass

Giddings Mouthpieces

Mouthpieces made from the finest materials with precision and detail!

Giddings Mouthpieces

Harrelson Trumpets

Founded by Jason Harrelson and based in Denver, USA, Harrelson Trumpets make extraordinary instruments and mouthpieces, as well as some spectacular customisation.

Harrelson Trumpets

Jaeger Brass

From South Salem NY, Ivan Hunter runs a top custom shop with a superb range of custom built horns, repairs, modifications and pretty much anything else that you can think of!

John Packer Musical Instruments

Designed in the UK, JP instruments cover a broad spectrum from student entry level to some great horn collaborations with makers such as Smith-Watkins and Taylor.

Josef Klier

Now based in Diespeck, Germany, Josef Klier have been making exceptional brass mouthpieces for over 100 years, combining history, heritage and precision design and machining.

Legends Brass

Legends Brass provide a great range of fully customisable mouthpiece options as well as some new versions of some old classics. Great stuff!


Northern Brass Mouthpieces by GR

Mathematically and Acoustically Designed. High Efficiency, Commercial and Crossover models. Northern Brass Mouthpieces are the largest Custom Series of Mouthpieces made by GR Technologies. Exclusively available at

NB Mouthpieces logo

Pickett Brass & Blackburn Trumpets

Based in Kentucky, USA, Peter Pickett combines his fantastic range of mouthpieces and customisations with developing the brilliant craftsmanship of the Blackburn Trumpet range.

Pickett Brass


Plastic has taken the world by storm! These all-plastic trumpets are lightweight, (almost) indestructible, sound like a trumpet, and look cool!


Schilke Music

This Titan of trumpet and mouthpiece design and manufacturing continues to go from strength to strength with loads of great new developments.

Schilke Music

The Wedge Mouthpiece

These uniquely designed mouthpieces are unlike anything that you have ever tried before!

240 x 200 mouthpiece banner

Ultra Pure Oils

Ultra Pure Oils manufactures premium synthetic lubricants for brass instruments, as well as a whole host of fantastic instrument cleaning products.