The Bach LT190 1B Commercial Model Trumpet

LT weight #1 bell with French bead 5” bell, standard weight 2-piece valve section with bronze upper, custom #43 pipe.

This model was a long time in coming and was launched in 2014. After much experimentation, the #1 bell (so numbered because it is believed to be the first bell design that Vincent Bach drew) was used in lightweight bronze. One of the biggest features is the 2-piece lightweight valve section with a bronze upper, that really adds a lot of brightness to the sound, particularly when you ‘give it one’! The custom #43 leadpipe has a later taper than the standard #25, but opens out quickly through a nice open-feeling tuning slide section. It is available in both ML and L bore.

Lightness of response, dark tone in mid-register and mid to low dynamics, contrasting with real zip and zing for higher register work make this a surprisingly versatile trumpet. This has already become a popular model, and has also been a way into the Bach brand for players that didn’t think that there had previously been a model to suit them.

For the record, I really enjoyed playing this horn. I have spoken to some players who have described this model as like playing on a Yamaha LA only without the good intonation! I do not agree. The LT1901B is an individual instrument with some wonderful characteristics that I have not found in other horns.

Georgina Jackson demonstrates the LT190 1B and talks to Sam Gregory from Dawkes Music.

For full spec and details on this model, please visit Dawkes Music.

US customers can visit Thompson Music for further details.

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