Trumpet Accessories from BG France

I was recently sent a huge boxful of trumpet accessories from BG France that I have had the pleasure of taking for a test drive!

Cleaning swabs, cloths, mouthpiece pouches, valve guards, sling, trumpet covers… You name it and BG France have thought of it!

You may be interested to read this interview that I did with Franck earlier in 2020.

Set up in 1985 by Franck Bichon, the company’s reputation is built on quality, so my expectations for these new trumpet products was high.

First up, I decided to look at the vast range of specialised microfibre swabs:

There are individual swabs for the mouthpiece, lead pipe, valve casing, slides and even the valve ports! The microfibre material is really absorbent and silky smooth, ensuring that all moisture is picked up with zero risk of any abrasion to the metal. And each individual swab is perfectly shaped for each part of the horn, machine washable and has an estimated lifespan of over 5 years!

Often we see woodwind players using these kinds of luxury products on their instruments, so why not us brass players too?!

You can see more detail on each of these individual swabs here

I have also been really impressed with the range of cloths and covers:

The care cloths and gloves are beautifully soft microfibre with brilliant absorption – they are also washable and robust enough to last you a long time. Please view the range here.

The BG black microfibre bag for your trumpet is also a gem – soft and robust, exactly what is required for the job! View it here.

There is also a comprehensive range of different mouthpiece pouches and cases as a some luxurious valve guards:

Let’s face it, mouthpieces are not cheap these days. So why would we not give them the same level of protection that we would give to our horns? The rigid single mouthpiece pouch does exactly that with a rigid leatherette outer and a hard foam moulded inner.

The range of mouthpiece pouches in both synthetic and leather materials offer great flexibility and protection for single or multiple mouthpieces.

And the valve guards are my favourites from the BG France range! There is an anti-perspirant lining with a beautiful-quality, perfectly stitched and shaped leather outer. There is also just one velcro fastener with an elasticated section at the bottom to allow for a flexible and snug fit.

From conception, to design, to manufacture these all have incredible style, durability, attention to detail, and above all … quality.

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