Trumpet Artist Profile: Fabrizio Bosso

Italian readers will most likely need no introduction to Fabrizio Bosso. He is already a jazz superstar in his native Italy, and is now in demand on the international circuit with his various groups. Born in Turin in 1973, his fluency both musically and technically has brought him award upon award for his numerous albums, and Fabrizio’s post-bop style continues to develop to the delight of his listeners.

What made you want to learn the trumpet?

My father Gianni is an amateur trumpeter. He still plays in a big band, and it was him that guided me towards the trumpet, and also to jazz. I started to play at age 5, but I never had to be pushed, it was always  my wish, and my family supported me from the beginning.

Fabrizio Bosso 2015 (Ph Roberto Cifarelli)

Who were your main musical influences?

I have two names in answering this question: Clifford Brown is the master that I look to in the past, and Wynton Marsalis is my favourite current player.

Are there any particular routines that you follow to keep yourself in shape for performance?

I play a lot of concerts each year and I am always travelling – this makes it difficult to find enough time to practice! Almost every day I work on basics including exercises and techniques from Clarke and Arban.

What do the next few months hold for you?

I am really happy that I am touring with my quartet, not just in Italy but also abroad. In June I will be in the USA – in Chicago, North Carolina, Washington and New York I very much hope that readers will come see us and listen to our music!

What can you tell us about choosing your Frate Precision mouthpiece?

I met Dario Frate some time and I have tested many of his mouthpieces over the years. Around one year ago, I found the perfect size for me that gives exactly the response that I want, and also gives me complete satisfaction  in the sound quality in all ranges and all dynamics!

Please visit Fabrizio’s website for further information.

Fabrizio plays exclusively on his Frate Precision Mouthpiece, the details of which are below:

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