Trumpet Studies and Etudes

Back in September 2020 I wrote about the new solo repertoire that I had discovered in ‘Lockdown Part 1’. Now that we are into ‘Lockdown Part 3’ in January 2021, I thought that I would share some of the variety of study books and etudes that I have been taking a look at with the help of the nkoda app.

40 Studies – Wilhelm Wurm (pub. Simrock)

New Trumpet Techniques – Pierre Thibaud (pub. Leduc)

Trumpet Method – Harry James (pub. Melos)

36 Transcendental Etudes – Theo Charlier (pub. Leduc)

20 Etudes – Marcel Bitsch (pub. Leduc)

50 Exercises with Change of Key – Lucien Thevet (pub. Leduc)

Trumpet Velocity – David Gornston (pub. Faber)

Method of Transposition – Ludwig Liesering (pub. Simrock)

Basic Systems – Thierry Caens (pub. Leduc)

Twelve Study Groups – John Haynie (pub. Leduc)

100 Melodic Studies – Reginaldo Cafarelli (pub. Ricordi)

15 Studies – Charles Chaynes (pub. Leduc)

10 Performance Studies – Domenico Gatti (pub. Ricordi)

Grand Method – Alexandre Petit (pub. Salabert)

I have created a ‘playlist’ of these publications on nkodaClick here to access digital copies of all of these works. If you already have a nkoda subscription, you will have full reading and editing capabilities for these. If not, you can register for a FREE TRIAL and explore these pieces and many, many more!

You may also be interested to read this full review that I conducted of the nkoda app.

…and also a playlist of solo trumpet repertoire.

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