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Trumpet Artist Profile : Kissis Muñoz

Originally from Venezuela, Kissis Muñoz is now based in Miami and building a reputation for herself as a top trumpet player…

What first attracted you to the trumpet?

What made me fall in love with the trumpet was its sweet sound and also its strength.

Any early musical influences?

Yes, my dad runs a band and from there I was able to start playing music when I was 8 years old.

Favourite musicians to listen to growing up?  And now?

When I was a child I liked listening to Maurice Andre, Winton Marsalis and Sergei Nakariakov, then my list of trumpeters got bigger and now I really like Francisco (Pacho) Flores, Yturvides Vilchez, Arturo Sandoval, many styles and all exceptional!

What prompted you to move from Venezuela to Miami?

Leaving aside the situation in the country of Venezuela, what has captivated me about the United States is that we are in a country of opportunities, and thank God everything is going wonderfully so far.

Any highlights of his career so far?

I have had the opportunity to be a soloist in various symphony orchestras in Venezuela in which I have performed several concerts such as Haydn, Arutunian and Vivaldi.  I have made a number tours of Europe with the Teresa Carreño Symphony Orchestra of the Venezuelan Orchestra system in which we perform in important musical theatres such as the Konzerthaus in Berlin and the Vienna State Opera.  I have a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance from the Royal School of Music.

Here in Miami I began to live new experiences playing and recording Latin Music with different bands and artists such as Tony Succar, Oscar D ‘Leon, Luis Enrique, Raíces Jazz Big Band and finally last year I made a record with the group Make Sound in which we are all female soloists!

Tell me about the new instruments that you are playing on!

It was a lot of fun, I didn’t expect to change instruments until I played the Victory! I immediately fell in love with them, realized that these trumpets helped me to have a special sound. I tested the full range they had and I stuck with the Revelation Series. It gives me the sound I need for both classical music and other styles!

How has the past year been for you with the Covid closures?  Obviously, it has been a really difficult time globally, but is there something positive or opportunities that you have been able to take advantage of?

It has been a difficult year for everyone but more so for art, we had to reinvent ourselves to continue doing what we love. In my case I took that time to finish the Make Sound album and reconnect musically with works that I had forgotten.

What interests you outside of playing the trumpet?

At this moment I am separating my mind on music and family since we have a 2 year old daughter and she always needs attention. But outside of the trumpet I love to travel and visit my friends, since they are the family that we have here.

Any advice for young aspiring trumpeters?

Although the road is long, strong and stormy we must continue, because when you look back you will realize that nothing was in vain and you will see how much you have progressed.

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