Distant Light – Music for Trumpet and Organ

Latvian trumpet player Jānis Porietis writes below about his new recording with Ilze Reine on organ, Distant Light featuring music exclusively by Latvian composers: " I am incredibly pleased to finally have a CD with Latvian composer music for trumpet and organ. All, but two pieces – Gloria (1989) and Larghetto (1982), have been commissioned in the last six … Continue reading Distant Light – Music for Trumpet and Organ

Design Innovations : Ultimate Brass

Established 2013 in Philadelphia by Chinese-born bass trombonist Sun He, Ultimate Brass started as a brass instrument repair studio and later became an innovative company that designs and makes brass instrument mouthpieces, trombones, trumpets, and brass instrument accessories. Ultimate Brass Mouthpieces and accessories are being used daily by members of the Chicago Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, New … Continue reading Design Innovations : Ultimate Brass

Trumpet Headquarters : Estela Aragon

Education is a lifelong journey, and a journey that often starts in schools around the world that suffer from a lack of funding in music. It is more important than ever to find good quality and reliable resources to help children on their musical journey, as well as adults and advanced learners too. Trumpet Headquarters is a wonderful resource set up by Estela Aragon who was kind enough to talk to me here.