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Agami Trumpets : Instrument Review

It is rare to be sent something through for review that has been this highly anticipated. The Agami Trumpet range is the brainchild of Thierry Sohier and has been 7 years in development. There are a number of different configurations focussing on changes of bell alloy material to give variety of timbre and playability for… Continue reading Agami Trumpets : Instrument Review

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Finding the perfect orchestral mouthpiece

I have spent a lot of time recently (mainly virtually!) working with players who have used this enforced period of time off to look at new and possibly better mouthpiece options for themselves. Many classical, and particularly specialist orchestral players are traditionally very conservative in their choices and often choose to stick to the ‘tried… Continue reading Finding the perfect orchestral mouthpiece

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Trumpet Artist Profile : Alexandre Herichon

Alexandre Herichon is an eclectic musician, at home playing lead trumpet, improvising, and as a composer/arranger. He shares some trumpeting thoughts as well his experience with his new Agami trumpet. What first drew you to the trumpeting the early days? My parents listened to jazz music when I was a kid, and we saw, sometimes,… Continue reading Trumpet Artist Profile : Alexandre Herichon

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Jon Faddis on Ullvén Mutes

...from Jon Faddis: "Hello, Fellow Brass Players, I would like to tell you about some really good news, not just for me, but for trumpet and trombone players all over the world.Swedish trumpeter Lasse Lindgren has acquired the rights to make Ullven mutes, which have been unavailable for many years, and also happen to be… Continue reading Jon Faddis on Ullvén Mutes

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Instrument Review : C Trumpet from Norwich Natural Trumpets

I was recently sent a new C trumpet by Matt Martin from Norwich Natural Trumpets. This was designed in collaboration with Mark Bennett and has arrived with me looking spectacular. These trumpets are custom-built to order, but surprisingly do not have the custom price tag. In fact they are currently less expensive than many people's… Continue reading Instrument Review : C Trumpet from Norwich Natural Trumpets

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Bagpipe (or trumpet!) Lung

A school year looming brings with it a fresh start, and a resolution to keep instruments clean and hygienic.  If you need any further confirmation of the importance of keeping your instrument clean, please read on!… Back in August 2016, the BBC and numerous other news agencies were reporting on a journal article written by… Continue reading Bagpipe (or trumpet!) Lung

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Do Bell Covers help prevent the spread of COVID-19?

OK, so I need to say right off the bat that I have no intention of actually answering this question! I am certainly not qualified. This past year (plus change) has seen it become ok for us all to express ‘opinions’ on science, and for us to have the choice to either agree or disagree, sometimes depending on our political leanings. This confusion has been confusing!

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Alliance Brass : Mouthpiece Review

Alliance Brass mouthpieces were launched in 2006 by Roger Webster, former principal cornet with Black Dyke and Grimethorpe. Initially these were for the brass band world to accompany Besson instruments but in more recent times, there have been some significant developments with their trumpet range. Stephen Wick from Alliance Brass and Denis Wick Products was… Continue reading Alliance Brass : Mouthpiece Review

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Clary Woodmutes : Mute Review

Further to my interview with Tom Clary, the master craftsman behind 'Clary Woodmutes' [read it here if you haven't already!], Tom has kindly sent me a beautiful Kramer Adjustable Cup model to try out. Crafted from gorgeous Sapele and Cherry woods, this model is named after Don Kramer, one of Tom's former teachers. The above… Continue reading Clary Woodmutes : Mute Review

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Trumpet Artist Profile : Kissis Muñoz

Originally from Venezuela, Kissis Muñoz is now based in Miami and building a reputation for herself as a top trumpet player... What first attracted you to the trumpet? What made me fall in love with the trumpet was its sweet sound and also its strength. Any early musical influences? Yes, my dad runs a band… Continue reading Trumpet Artist Profile : Kissis Muñoz

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Trumpet Artist Profile : Lasse Lindgren

Lasse Lindgren is a multi-faceted musician, with a reputation as a great 'lead' trumpet player as well as a great 'jazz' player. In recent times, he is also responsible for the resurrection of the great Ullvén Mute brand, made famous by players such as Dizzy Gillespie and Maynard Ferguson. Lasse kindly talks to me here… Continue reading Trumpet Artist Profile : Lasse Lindgren

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Design Innovations : Ultimate Brass

Established 2013 in Philadelphia by Chinese-born bass trombonist Sun He, Ultimate Brass started as a brass instrument repair studio and later became an innovative company that designs and makes brass instrument mouthpieces, trombones, trumpets, and brass instrument accessories. Ultimate Brass Mouthpieces and accessories are being used daily by members of the Chicago Symphony, Philadelphia Orchestra, New… Continue reading Design Innovations : Ultimate Brass