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Instrument Review : C Trumpet from Norwich Natural Trumpets

I was recently sent a new C trumpet by Matt Martin from Norwich Natural Trumpets. This was designed in collaboration with Mark Bennett and has arrived with me looking spectacular. These trumpets are custom-built to order, but surprisingly do not have the custom price tag. In fact they are currently less expensive than many people’s favoured Bach or Yamaha models!

This model is based around a medium large .460 bore Hoxon Gakki valve set (the MAW valve set is also going to be an option), a 0.45mm gauge gold brass bell opening out to 125mm, an open Malone-style leadpipe and a D-shaped bronze tuning slide. The bell taper is not too dissimilar to a Bach 239.

Looking at the spec, the first thing that stands out is the medium large bore. Most of us are more familiar with a large (.462 or .464) bore on C trumpets. So I approached playing this trumpet with the preconception that it would feel small, stuffy or restricted in some way. It did not!

Responsive and lively, ‘yes’, but certainly not restricted. The sound is full-bodied with a rich tonal core that I immediately loved. It also feels open, not unlike playing a nice symphonic style Bb trumpet.

The Bb similarities do not end there. The intonation is great across the range as is the sound quality. I have always primarily played Bb trumpet have found the adjustment to C trumpet intonation a challenge. I am pleased to report that this Norwich Natural Trumpets model does not pose the same challenge!

As you may be aware, Matt Martin’s natural and period trumpets have been ever-growing in popularity – It is great to see this craftsmanship and artistry expanding to modern trumpets. There are also some great new developments with the Bb trumpets coming, and I look forward to getting to try these too!

Please visit Norwich Natural Trumpets for further information.

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