What’s the story behind Trump Street?

Visitors to the City of London (London's main financial district) will be accustomed to the glass-fronted homes of high finance and over-priced coffee. They may well have also come across the interestingly named 'Trump Street' and thought it to be a nod to our friends over the pond. They would however be wrong! I recently… Continue reading What’s the story behind Trump Street?

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Bagpipe (or trumpet!) Lung

A school year looming brings with it a fresh start, and a resolution to keep instruments clean and hygienic.  If you need any further confirmation of the importance of keeping your instrument clean, please read on!… Back in August 2016, the BBC and numerous other news agencies were reporting on a journal article written by… Continue reading Bagpipe (or trumpet!) Lung

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Design Innovations : Ultra Pure Oils

Ken Saul is the founder of Ultra-Pure Oils LLC, and talks to us here about getting started with creating his first valve oil product and how that has developed in to the extensive range that we see today. Can you give a little of your background and your relationship with the trumpet. I started the… Continue reading Design Innovations : Ultra Pure Oils