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Trumpet Warmup

Trumpet Warmup is a great new online portal for trumpet players, allowing you to customise your routine with the aid of resources from top artists and educators. Sam Neufeld, the website’s founder, speaks to me here about his exciting new venture.

Can you give a little background to your relationship with the trumpet?

At six years old, I heard my dad playing Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, and Lee Morgan frequently on his stereo. There was something about the trumpet that enthralled me at a young age. I wanted to do what they were doing.

Throughout middle school and high school, I took quickly to improvisation and jazz. My trumpet technique, however, held me back. Endurance and range were my biggest issues and at 16 years old my new teacher persuaded me to change my embouchure.

The whole process left me with a bad case of “paralysis through analysis” for years to follow.

Not until recently did I realize how consistent I need to be with my warmup and daily routine.

In my mind, trumpet technique is analogous to strength training. One month of deadlifting and squats everyday will set you on the right track, but you have to keep it up consistently for months and years to see noticeable results. Similarly, the trumpet takes lots of focus and deliberate practice over many years to develop proper technique and strength. That’s what I’m focusing on now. I’m excited for the day I am able to play a 3 hour gig and feel strong or stronger at the end of the night.

What prompted you to setup Trumpet Warmup?

To put it simply I wanted it for my own practising. I was unable to find something that would suit my needs. I wanted a video play-along routine that would allow me to practice back and forth a pro. I also wanted to have the ability to switch between different artists’ routines.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked freelance in videography, photography, and website design. I knew that I had the skills to make it happen with little up-front cost – so why not give it a shot and scratch my own itch?

Who is it aimed at?

Trumpet Warmup is aimed at the intermediate trumpet player. A high school student or an amateur will benefit most from Trumpet Warmup.

There will be some value for the pro or the beginner, but it’s aimed at the intermediate player for now.

What are the key elements that set it apart from other platforms?

The video (quality and presentation) sets it apart. I’ve spent a lot of time crafting a look that will engage the user and allow them to see the artist’s embouchure and posture. It’s meant to feel like you are practicing with the pro.

What new developments are you currently working on?

Content, content, content. I started Trumpet Warmup a few weeks before COVID-19 lockdowns began, which threw things off track. I’m back on track now and working hard to crank out the content so there is something for every user.

How can readers find out more?

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